War of 1812

In celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the  War of 1812, the Bartholomew Couny Genealogical Society honored veterans of that war who had links to Bartholomew County, Indiana.  Although Bartholomew County was not officially a county until 1821, the area was an attractive destination for many who fought in the War of 1812.  Approximately forty veterans of this “Second War of Independence” are known to have been buried in the county.

Late in 2011, the society produced a commemorative 2012 calendar featuring portraits of eleven of these veterans as well as photographs of their Bartholomew County gravesites.  By Memorial Day 2012, the society purchased and placed markers on graves of War of 1812 veterans buried in the country.

In October 2012, four Society members traveled to the National Archives in Washington, DC to research the compiled military service records, pension records and bounty land records for the War of 1812 veterans known to be associated with Bartholomew County.  This website has been created to share the information and honor the brave soldiers who made it possible for the US to prevail in this war, making America “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”


BIOGRAPHIES OF VETERANS (We welcome updated or additional ones for family members.  Please contact the Genealogical Society.)

Arnold, Ephraim

Awalt, Michael – Bio
Beck, Samuel – Bio
Edee, Christian – Bio
Galbraith, Aeneas Sharp Sr. – Bio
Green, Alavetius – Bio

Hart, Thomas – Bio
Mapes, John – Bio
Pence, Jacob & John Teany & Joseph VanMeter
Perry, Ransom – Bio
Powell, Wilie – Bio
Ruddick, Jesse – Bio
Seward, John- Bio
Snyder, John- Bio
Tannehill, Zachariah – Bio

RESEARCH (Collected from the National Archives, Adobe Acrobat Reader required, files over 5 Mb may take longer to open)

Akin, Josiah
Anthony, Zephaniah H B  (16 Mb)
Arnold, Evan  (4 Mb)
Barbee, Daniel (10 Mb)
Beck, Samuel

Boaz, Mignon
Bryant, Henry
Bunnell, Miles
Chambers, John
Christy, William  (42 Mb)
Cook, Adam
Cook, William  (128 Mb)
Cooley, John  (25 Mb)
Cooley, Reuben  (20 Mb)
Dillman, Frederick
Edee, Christian
Franklin, Wesley (7 Mb)
Foster, Thomas
Fuldwider, George Jr.  (117 Mb)
Galbraith, Aeneas
Gardner, Russel
Gilliland, John
Glick, Daniel  (17 Mb)
Glick, Solomon
Good, Jacob  (12 Mb)
Hall, John  (48 Mb)
Jones, William S
Jurd, Edward (26 Mb)
Kyle, Nathan  (60 Mb)
Mackey, David  (51 Mb)
Mapes, John  (60 Mb)
Mapes, Samuel 

May, George  (22 Mb)
McQueen, Benjamin

Miller, Ephraim  (12 Mb)
Pancake, Isaac
Pence, Benjamin
Perry, Ransom  (30 Mb)
Powell, Wilie  (30 Mb)
Reynolds, George W  (40 Mb)
Rhoads, Jacob  (162 Mb)
Royse, William
Ruddick, Jesse  (24 Mb)
Seward, John
Singer, Daniel  (14 Mb)
Snyder, John  (21 Mb)
Stoughton, John  (7 Mb)
Tannehill, Zachariah  (50 Mb)
Thompson, Nathan
Trotter, Isaac (21 Mb)
West, William  (8 Mb)